– Overseeing Your Multi-Channel Global E-Commerce Efforts –

Hi! I'm Vaclav. 

I help businesses navigate through complex marketing & management challenges. Transform, grow & scale their brands in the digital marketplace while inspiring creative minds to achieve their full potential.

  • Business: Growing e-commerce brands from ZERO to $100K & scaling to 7-8+ figures 🚀
  • Performance: Building all-star team | Streamlining operations | Campaigns | Web & CRO 📈
  • Creative: Boosting sales by 30% within 24h with viral videos | Millions of views 🎯
Václav Hanousek
CEO & Founder of two agencies: V.H. MEDIA ENTERPRISE & ItsTheCreative.com

" Daily interactions with diverse businesses keeps me attuned to current trends & future opportunities. "
  • ​Are you looking for a new revenue stream, develop all-star team or expand your business?
  • Are you struggling to setup or transform your brand and want to avoid expensive pitfalls?
  • Are you experiencing slow business performance?
Take back your time by engaging with me as your Fractional CMO or Growth Consultant



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– Overseeing your multi-channel global eCommerce efforts –

My Transformation Story

FROM: Commercial Photographer 

Hired at my 18th birthday, I hustled through the fashion world as a commercial photographer to gain fame & fortune. But, by racing to the top only within 2 years, I quickly discovered that I barely got the fame. Even though I was inspiring others the industry was fake & hollow. The worst part? I was becoming the same.

I knew that I had to find the fortune somewhere else. 
Recognizing the impact of my work, I realised I was destined for more. So, I decided to change my path, stepping away from the glamour & flashbulbs to face my fears and find my true calling. 

Starting my transformation without proper guidance was tough. The only thing I had was my inner calling for change. Because of that, my path was long & painful. Haunted by a scarcity mindset and self-doubt, I found myself bouncing from one company to another, distracted by shiny objects, unable to focus and making all possible mistakes along the way. I was losing money and constantly struggling. With each setback, I was living on the edge, barely supporting myself & the ones I cared about.

Desperate for a solution. I dived into the world of digital freelancing. I invested my last penny to a laptop & courses. I was guided by various mentors who had already mastered the path before me. Their wisdom fueled my growth. I began religiously studying every aspect of the digital world, from sales and negotiation to advertising, branding, team hiring, web development, logistics, finance and more.
Armed with newly gained knowledge and my entrepreneurial spirit, I began to rise again. By understanding business patterns I started creating complex strategies & processes around my clients/partners. I began to build a strong network of trusted experts capable of supporting my endeavours.

Today, as a 6Fig Digital Entrepreneur & & Strategic Marketing & Management Consultant for international e-com brands with guaranteed growth, I am on a mission to use my unique transformation experience to help reinvent others. I attract small and medium-size businesses seeking help to navigate through complex marketing & management challenges. I use my tactics to transform, grow & scale their D2C brands in the digital market while inspiring their teams to achieve their full potential.

I prioritize fast & tangible results with long-term effects like building high-converting funnels, selling out stock, increasing sales with a single creative by 30%, transforming whole e-commerce business from losing money to fast scaling revenue growth & multiple new markets expansion.

I believe that every business and individual deserves to experience at least one life-changing transformation that deeply resonates within & inspires the world around. 

What is your story? Need a guide?
Are you a Freelancer who needs help on a creative journey? 
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