Hi! I'm Václav. 
I Love Direct Response Marketing & Storytelling.

My company is helping B2B & D2C brands to find their voice in the noisy market, decrease advertising costs, increase profits and bring in new loyal customers via our proprietary strategies developed in the past 15 years of creative marketing experience.

Václav Hanousek
CEO & Founder of V.H. MEDIA ENTERPRISE & ItsTheCreative.com

The high interaction with a vast range of businesses on a daily basis helps us to be up to date with current situations and future trends.  
  • ​Are you looking for a new revenue stream or expand your business?
  • Are you struggling to develop your new brand? 
  • Are you suffering from low-performing ads or low converting website?
You are not alone! Lets see if we can help so you can take back your time! 

"Increased Our Revenue By 31% In Just One Day!"

Vaclav's story: From Ashes Into a Fire

Commercial Photographer Turned Into CEO of International Media Company!

I have been in marketing and building lean teams for the past 15 years. 

I started as a Commercial Photographer and made it up within a few years at the age of 20 to Harper's Bazaar, Marianne magazines and commercial project shootings. I was initially hired at the age of 18 by the first model agency (on the day of my birthday ... 
"Hey, you look young, are you 18?" "yea, just today...", 
"Great! You start tomorrow!"). 

Shortly I developed a unique personal brand, became famous and was recognized on the streets, giving interviews in magazines. By the age of 20, my work has been shown in media like Harpers Bazaar or Marianne. 

I didn't want to stop there, and due to my love for marketing & management, I quickly grew into a Marketing manager (later Deputy Director) for Kérastase Institute Paris, and I have been managing all marketing activities and 60 employees for over five years on the local and international market. By that time, being in charge of marketing was my daily bread and butter, together with regular business management activities. 
I have successfully presented the company 2x at the L'Oréal Business forum with over 2000 people from all around the world. All the marketing/media support (including the shooting of the collection itself) was done by my team and me. 

After that amazing experience, I wanted to double down on my management skills and I started as a Project manager for Verizon to be part of the Tesco/Vodafone migration program in the UK. After successful handover, I went back to marketing and started another year as a Marketing Manager for an SEO agency where I initiated a business transformation based on Franklin Covey's core values and with direct collaboration with Franklin Covey, to improve Company culture & Sales.

As a side-hobby: I managed to win three final positions at Schwarzkopf Hairdressing Awards for Women haircut with a Men hairstylist & made it to covers of local magazines again. 

Finally, the calling grew stronger and it was time to start something on my own. I said goodbye to everything and locked myself for years to level up.

Work with 

We have been working with eCommerce and different niches. Partnered up with amazing talents from the US and all over the world to make sure we deliver stellar results, spending millions in ad spend and discovering the pros and cons of creatives, funnels and social media ads. Thanks to that, we know what is working and what is not working. 

Currently, we are a lean boutique Agency offering Strategic consulting to help brands find their voice, Commercial creatives and Sales funnels / Lead generation. Time is money, so, everything is automated as much as possible except for excellent client's relationships.

All our ads comply with constantly changing Amazon, Facebook, Google advertising policies.  Our creatives are going viral and the most successful one so far had 9M views. Last year, we worked with many incredible partners, including Vanity Planet, where they successfully managed to sell out all the Christmas stock.

Our main focus is Direct Response Advertising & Storytelling. 

We help companies to turn cold leads into loyal customers & scale. 




V.H. MEDIA ENTERPRISE provides International Marketing services in B2B, B2C and D2C sectors. The company mindset is to value long-term partnerships. We interact with a vast range of businesses on a daily basis, which helps us be up to date with current situations and future trends.  

Core values: 
Trust, Speed, Efficiency, Innovation
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